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Here at Knies Insurance Group, we appreciate having the opportunity to serve you. We make identifying your insurance needs our priority so we can ensure you get the coverage you need to be properly insured. Whether it’s your first time shopping for insurance, you need to file a claim or update your policy, we are always here to help.

When you visit us or get in touch, you’ll always be greeted with friendly and professional service, and given the answers to all your insurance questions. If you’re looking for a local, independent insurance agency that cares about you and puts your best interests first, you need Knies. We offer a wide variety of insurance solutions for individuals, families and businesses throughout Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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We have been using Knies Insurance Group for years and I would not want to go anywhere else. They always quickly have answers to our questions and find us great quotes for all of our insurance needs. Any time we have needed to make changes they have been able to find us exactly what we need.

Amanda Ford

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In order to protect what matters most to you, you need the right insurance. We’re here to make sure you have the right coverage at the right price.


Whether you’re filing a claim or shopping for an insurance policy, our team is here to make it simple, with friendly and professional customer service.


No matter what your preference is, be it email, phone or an in-person meeting, we are always here to meet and exceed your expectations.


Because we represent multiple insurance companies, we have access to a wide variety of policy options to customize your coverage.

There’s more to insurance than the price of the policy.

Explore our interactive graphics and learn about your unique risks and the related insurance solutions.

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Golf Course
Tee and Green
Risk Factor

The surfaces, tees, and greens are susceptible to storm damage, vandalism, and other risks.


Make certain your policy contains tee and green coverage and includes the wording "all playing surfaces." Seek a high limit of coverage ($1,000,000 or more) and make certain there is no per hole limitation.

Flood Insurance
Risk Factor

As exposed by Superstorm Sandy and other significant weather events in recent years, flooding can occur in almost any location and to any business. Are you protected?


Flood insurance is not part of any property or liability policy. It is a standalone policy that reacts independently from all other coverage. Whether or not your course is (or is not) in a designated flood zone, consider coverage in anticipation of an unforeseen weather event.

Risk Factor

Your course's rolling slopes of emerald green are not a product of nature alone. The chemicals used to keep the grass lush create exposures for pollution that can often be overlooked.


There may be a need to protect against tank leakage and other pollution. Look for a complete environmental insurance policy to address all of your exposures, beyond just the normal herbicide and pesticide coverage for over spraying.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) / Directors and Officers (D&O)
Risk Factor

On average, it's estimated that three out of five businesses will be sued by their employees. Golf courses, just like any other business, are vulnerable from the pre-hire process through to a possible reduction in workforce. Claims can stem from just about anything, such as someone taking a joke the wrong way and being offended. In addition, key personnel (such as directors, officers, and other board members) may be at increased risk resulting from possible discrimination, slander, and more.


Seek the broadest policies available with the highest rated carriers and have separate limits for both employment practices liability and directors and officers liability. Review all of your liability policies, as gaps or overlaps may occur with third-party discrimination coverage, fiduciary liability coverage, and commercial general liability.

Valet Parking
Risk Factor

Providing a valet service is convenient for your guests, but damaging a vehicle or property, or causing injury, is a very real risk associated with it.


Obtain a general liability policy to protect your business from lawsuits by a third party. Be certain that a garagekeepers legal liability policy is also in effect with adequate limits to cover any physical damage to a guest's vehicle or other vehicles on-site. If you are using an independent valet service, obtain a certificate of insurance to verify they have the proper coverage with adequate limits. Also make sure that your business is named as an additional insured under their policy.

Cyber Liability
Risk Factor

Just about all businesses rely on technology in some way. It's increasingly used to store sensitive information, such as credit cards, passwords, and social security numbers. However, you're at risk if this information is lost, stolen, or compromised. In fact, you may even be legally obligated to alert those impacted by the breach and possibly pay for any financial loss incurred.


Experiencing a data breach is often not a question of if but when. Securing a cyber liability policy can offer coverage for expenses associated with compliance regarding data breach notification laws, securing legal counsel to advise on incident response, credit monitoring services, as well as paying for regulatory defense and penalties arising from privacy law violations.

Golf Carts and Major Maintenance Equipment
Risk Factor

You have considerable exposure to damage or loss of golf carts and maintenance equipment caused by accidents on the course or by normal perils of fire and vandalism.


Obtain replacement cost coverage on both the carts and maintenance equipment, as having this protection will lessen the overall financial impact of depreciation.

Business Interruption Coverage
Risk Factor

Adequate property coverage is a crucial component of your insurance portfolio. If you lose the clubhouse, you could potentially have a multi-million dollar loss with business interruption and loss of income, including loss of existing golfers as well as potential new golfers.


Make sure your short- and long-term revenues are properly protected. Property limits should meet or exceed the club's most recent building appraisals. In addition to the limits assigned to the structure itself, consider business income coverage to cover anticipated revenue loss from the normal day-to-day club operations. Also, include other income generating events such as weddings, special golf outings, and other events arranged with outside organizations.

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